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Browse all the NYX Professional Makeup looks in one place and try on your favorite pro artistry look thanks to the Virtual try-on tool.

You can instantly see on yourself the most expert and advanced looks developed by makeup artists, without spending hours in their studio. You can even create your own full makeup look by playing with all the NYX Professional products without any restriction. This is all now possible thanks to the NYX Professional Virtual Try-on.

How does it work?

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  • Find good natural light
  • Launch your live camera or upload a picture
  • Browse and select NYX Professional Makeup’s pro artistry looks from the library
  • Get inspired by trying the looks on you
  • Discover NYX Professional Makeup’s products and be your own pro by layering hundreds of cosmetics and shades
  • Edit and shop your look
  • Check your transformation thanks to the Before and After feature. And show your look to your friends by downloading your picture or sharing it on social media in just one click.

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Try-On your favorite Pro Artistry Looks Virtually

The technology behind

The Virtual MakeUp try-on is powered by an augmented reality technology. Developed by Modiface, an advanced face tracker algorithm can detect where your facial features are and apply a virtual makeup on the right placements. The service is able to produce virtually more than 16 million of colors, 68 eyeliner styles, 44 eyeshadow placements and a nearly infinite customizable brow styles. This allows NYX Professional Makeup to create augmented reality looks as precise and professional as a makeup artist right in your phone.

Privacy and data

We do not store any personal data during this experience. When you share your picture on social media, NYX Professional Makeup keeps such picture for the time necessary to achieve this purpose then deletes it. Your picture is not used for other purpose than social media sharing. For more information, please consult Maybelline privacy policy on their website.

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